Waiting Families

More families are available that are not pictured on the website, please contact 1-800-314-3370 to meet with a counselor and view more waiting families. Click on their name or picture for more information.

Eric & Shannon Waiting Families Photo Eric & Shannon- Married 11 years. Eric works for Wells Fargo dealing with retirement plans, Shannon works part time as a Recreation Therapist. They have a 3 ½ year old adopted son named Samuel. Eric enjoys hunting, fishing and sports. Shannon enjoys playing the piano, singing, being outdoors and card making.
Chad & Stacia Waiting Family Photo Chad & Stacia - Married 9 years. Chad is a Self Employed Restaurant Owner, and Stacia is a Stay-At-Home Mom. The They have 2 biological children, a 7 ½ year old son named Teagan, and a 5 ¾ year old daughter named Taya. Chad enjoys outdoor activities, playing basketball, golf, softball, running, watching sports and camping. Stacia enjoys running, shopping, cooking, photography, outdoor activities and traveling.
BJ & Manda Waiting Family Photo BJ & Manda - Married 14 years. BJ is the Chaplain, Spiritual Care Department Manager at a hospital, Manda is self-employed as a communications, marketing and data management consultant. They have 3 children, a 7 year old biological daughter Kamea, a 4 year old biological son Brody, and a 1 year old adopted son Trey. BJ enjoys parenthood, humor, outdoors, sports, music, boating and hunting. Manda enjoys parenthood, outdoors, cooking, reading, serving, exercising, sports and music.
Addison, Keesha Waiting Families Addison & Keesha- Married 10 years. Addison is a Physician (Medical Oncologist – Hematologist) and Keesha is a Stay-at-home Mother. They have one 7 year old biological daughter named Aliyah. Addison enjoys reading, tennis, bible study, music and time with family. Keesha enjoys reading, education, crafts, laughing with friends and family and bible study.
Kris & Stacy Family Kris & Stacy- Married 9 years. Kris works as a self-employed Dairy Farmer and Stacy works as a Social Worker. They have 2 adopted children, a 5 year old son Cael and a 2 ½ year old daughter Talia. Kris enjoys hunting, coaching wrestling, watching sports, being outside, playing with the kids and grilling. Stacy enjoys doing activities with the kids, scrapbooking, exercise, cooking/baking, going on bike rides and shopping.
Pete & Emily Waiting Families Photo Pete & Emily- Married 9 years. Pete works as a Software Developer and Emily works part time as a counselor and is a Stay-at-Home Mom. They have 2 biological children, a 6 year old son Gabriel and a 3 year old daughter Liv. Pete enjoys photography, nature and movies. Emily enjoys cooking, hiking and music.
Willie & Jen Waiting Family Photo Willie & Jennifer- Married 11 ½ years. Willie works as a Pastor and Jennifer works as an Instrumental Music Educator. They have 2 biological daughters, a 10 year old daughter Grace and a 8 year old daughter Isabelle. Willie enjoys spending time with family, hunting, fishing, playing saxophone, cooking and any outdoor activities. Jennifer enjoys spending time with family, quilting, playing piano, baking, running and camping.
James & Angela Waiting Families James & Angela - – - – - – ON HOLD - – —Married 12 years. James is a Self-Employed Farmer, Angela is a Homemaker. They have 4 biological children, 3 daughters, 9 year old Cassady, 7 year old Avary, 3 ¾ year old Kambrie, and1 ½ year old son Zachary. James enjoys hunting, fishing, golfing and sports. Angela enjoys golf, scrapbooking, volleyball and running.
Justin & Miranda Waiting family profile Justin &Miranda- – - – - – ON HOLD - – —Married for 8 ½ years. Justin is a Professor at a college and Miranda is a Stay-at-Home Mom. They have 2 biological children, a 7 year old daughter Lydia, a 2 year old son Josiah and a 4 year old adopted daughter Laiya. Justin enjoys playing the piano, golf, skiing, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends. Miranda enjoys playing games, boating, bible study, entertaining and spending time with her family.
Ben & Kari Waiting Families Page Ben & Kari- – - – - – - ON HOLD - – —Married 4 years. Ben works as a HVAC-Commercial Service Technician and Kari works as a Social Worker – Vulnerable Adults. Ben enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, playing with the dogs and spending time with family and friends. Kari enjoys running/exercising, volleyball/softball, hunting, fishing, camping, playing with the dogs and spending time with family and friends.
SONY DSC Nick & Lisa – - – - – PLACED - – —Married for 16 ½ years. Nick and Lisa have 4 children. 3 biological and 1 adopted. Jayden is 10 years old, Thijs (pronounced Tyce) is 8, Tegan is 6 and Jasmine is 3. Jasmine was adopted in 2011. Nick has his own business as a financial and wealth management professional. Lisa is a full time stay at home mom. Nick enjoys playing racquetball, fishing, hunting, hockey and traveling. Lisa enjoys photography, fishing, traveling, walking, volunteering at school/church. We love spending time together with our family and friends.
Danny & Kansas Waiting Family Photo Daniel & Kansas - – - – - – PLACED - – —- Married 6 years. Daniel works in Church Relations and as a Worship Leader & Kansas is an In-home Daycare Provider and Worship Leader. They have 3 children, a 6 year old adopted son named Coyer, a 4 year old biological son named Kedren and a 1 ½ year old biological daughter named Baylic. Daniel enjoys spending time with the family by cooking, singing, playing guitar, board games, boating, camping and being outdoors. Kansas enjoys playing with the kids, singing, playing games, going on walks, cooking, entertaining friends and family, boating, writing, taking pictures and making memories with the family.
Jason & Dawn Waiting Family Photo Jason & Dawn - – - – - – PLACED - – —- Married 6 ½ years. Jason works as a Cereal Process Operator, Dawn is a Registered Nurse and Hair Stylist. They have 2 biological children, a 5 year old son named Brady and a 2 ½ year old daughter named Carly. Jason enjoys fishing, snowmobiling, and football. Dawn enjoys scrapbooking, shopping and traveling with family.
Nathan & Genna Waiting Families Nathan & Genna - – - – - – PLACED - – — Married 10 years. Nathan is a self-employed farmer. Genna is a Customer Service Rep at a local bank. Nathan enjoys camping, boating, fishing, farming, and spending time with family. Genna enjoys camping, cooking, baking, shopping, horseback riding, scrapbooking, and spending time with family.
Rob & Heather Waiting Families Photo Rob & Heather – – - – - – PLACED - – —- Married 15 years. Rob manages a feed store and is a Farmer. Heather is a stay-at-home mom and substitute teacher. They have three biological children, a 10 year old son Landon, an 8 year old daughter Karlee and a 6 year old daughter Kortney. Rob enjoys playing with the kids, coaching youth football, watching movies as a family, grilling or smoking meat, boating, outdoor activities and vacationing. Heather enjoys family time, running/exercising, singing, outdoor activities, reading, cooking, shopping, water skiing, vacationing and riding horseback.
Mark & Heidi Waiting Families Mark & Heidi- – - – - – PLACED - – —- Married 7 years. Mark works as a farmer and Heidi is a Stay-at-home mother. They have a 3 ½ year old adopted son named Aaden. Mark enjoys sports and biking. Heidi enjoys cooking, reading, photography and bike riding.
Aaron & Anna Waiting Families Photo Aaron & Annie- – - – - – PLACED - – — Married 4 ½ years. Aaron works as a Senior Accountant and Annie works as a Child Life Specialist. They have a 1 ½ year old adopted daughter named Ameila. Aaron enjoys playing or watching sports, being outdoors and biking. Annie enjoys traveling, photography, being outdoors and playing broomball.

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