Waiting Families

More families are available that are not pictured on the website, please contact 1-800-314-3370 to meet with a counselor and view more waiting families. Click on their name or picture for more information.

Eric & Shannon Waiting Family Photo Eric & Shannon- Married 11 years. Eric works for Wells Fargo dealing with retirement plans, Shannon works part time as a Recreation Therapist. They have a 3 ½ year old adopted son named Samuel. Eric enjoys hunting, fishing and sports. Shannon enjoys playing the piano, singing, being outdoors and card making.
Barry & Erin Waiting Family Photo Barry & Erin- Married 12 ½ years. Barry works as an Electrical Estimator, Erin is an In-home Day Care Provider. They have 4 children, a 11 ¾ year old biological daughter named Marquel, a 8 year old biological son named Kyan, a 6 ¾ year old biological son named Brody and an almost 2 year old adopted daughter named Bria. Barry enjoys being outdoors, playing basketball and softball, traveling and spending time with family. Erin enjoys spending time with family, playing softball, reading and being outside.
Eric & Lindsey Waiting family Photo Eric & Lindsey- Married 7 ¾ years. Eric works as a Wind Technician and Lindsey works as a Teacher. They have 2 biological children, a 5 ¾ year old daughter named Vivianne and a 3 year old son name Trygve. Eric enjoys kayaking with the family, fishing, hunting, camping, cooking and spending time mentoring high school students. Lindsey enjoys anything creative, writing, decorating, party planning, and going on mommy dates with the kids.
Chris & Terri Waiting Families Photo
Chris & Terri- Married 15 years. Chris works as a Pharmacist and Terri is a Stay-at-Home Mom. They have 3 adopted children, an 11 year old son named Maxim, a 10 year old son named Mikhail and a 4 year old daughter named Quinn. Chris enjoys baking, boating, camping, hiking, traveling, reading, playing ball and games with family. Terri enjoys all the things that Chris does along with shopping, going to the salon with our daughter, helping our boys with piano and homework, and reading to our kids.
Stephen & Rachael Waiting Family Photo Stephen & Rachael- Married 8 years. Stephen works as a Software Development Manager and Rachael works as Nurse, Nurse Practitioner (CNP), and student. Stephen enjoys gardening, reading, cooking/grilling, biking, kickboxing and traveling. Rachael enjoys running, biking, reading, socializing and traveling.
Joshua & Tina Waiting Family Picture Joshua & Tina- Married 11 years. Joshua works as an Information Technology Consultant and Tina works as a Registered Nurse. They have three biological children, a 10 year old son Jacob, an 8 year old daughter Jenna and a 5 year old daughter Kara. Joshua enjoys family, technology, fixing anything and woodworking. Tina enjoys family, church, scrapbooking and bible study.
Ryan & Anne Waiting Families Ryan & Anne- – - – - ON HOLD - – - – - -Married 9 years. Ryan works as a Police Officer and Anne works as a Nanny. Ryan enjoys being outside, boating, water skiing and camping. Anne enjoys being outside, running, socializing, traveling, gardening and cooking.
Dave & Brooke Waiting Family Picture Dave & Brooke- – - – - – ON HOLD - – - – - Married 5 years. Dave is an Insurance Adjuster and Brooke is a Bank Teller. They have one child, a two year old adopted daughter named Neely. Dave enjoys motorcycling, biking, bowling, going to church and daddy-daughter dates with Neely. Brooke enjoys working out, biking, shopping, going to church and walks in the stroller with Neely.
Chad & Christina Waiting Families Picture

Chad & Christina- – - – - – ON HOLD - – - – - Married 10 years. Chad works as an Operation System Support Analyst and Christina works as a Corporate Trainer. They have 2 ¾ year old adopted daughter named Mary. Chad enjoys reading, working out and spending time with family and friends. Christina enjoys reading, cooking, music and spending time with family and friends.
081C7185 John & Amy- – - – - PLACED- – - – - Married 10 years. John works as an Electrician, owner/operator of business and Amy works as a Nurse at a hospital. They have 3 biological children, an 11 ½ year old son, Jakob, a 9 ½ year old daughter Madison, and a 5 ½ year old son Cooper. John enjoys music (guitars & drums) and remodeling projects. Amy enjoys crafts, reading, and children’s activities.
Kris & Stacy Family Kris & Stacy- – - – - PLACED- – - – - Married 9 years. Kris works as a self-employed Dairy Farmer and Stacy works as a Social Worker. They have 2 adopted children, a 5 year old son Cael and a 2 ½ year old daughter Talia. Kris enjoys hunting, coaching wrestling, watching sports, being outside, playing with the kids and grilling. Stacy enjoys doing activities with the kids, scrapbooking, exercise, cooking/baking, going on bike rides and shopping.
Our Profile Picture Karl & Emily- – - – - PLACED - – - – - Married 9 years. Karl works as an Engineer and Emily works as a part time Nurse with the In-Patient Surgical Unit. They have one biological son, Drew, age 4 ½ years old. Karl enjoys running, biking, hiking and being active. Emily enjoys art, working outdoors and planting.
Fred & Sarah Waiting Family Photo Fred & Sarah– – - – - PLACED - – - – - Married 6 years. Fred works as a Retail Department Manager. Sarah is a Graphic Designer. They have a biological son named Fred III (Freddy). Fred enjoys spending time with family, playing with his son, church activities, watching movies and traveling. Sarah loves family time, she also likes to cook, read, do crafts and watch movies.
Ben & Jennie Waiting Family Photo Ben & Jennie- – - – - PLACED - – - – - Married 3 years. Ben works as a Soccer Coach and Jennie works as an In-Home Social Worker. Ben enjoys sports, video games and being active. Jennie enjoys cooking/baking, shopping and being outside.
Pete & Emily Waiting Families Photo Pete & Emily - – - – - PLACED - – - – - Married 9 years. Pete works as a Software Developer and Emily works part time as a counselor and is a Stay-at-Home Mom. They have 2 biological children, a 6 year old son Gabriel and a 3 year old daughter Liv. Pete enjoys photography, nature and movies. Emily enjoys cooking, hiking and music.
BJ & Manda Waiting Family Photo BJ & Manda - – - – - PLACED - – - – - Married 14 years. BJ is the Chaplain, Spiritual Care Department Manager at a hospital, Manda is self-employed as a communications, marketing and data management consultant. They have 3 children, a 7 year old biological daughter Kamea, a 4 year old biological son Brody, and a 1 year old adopted son Trey. BJ enjoys parenthood, humor, outdoors, sports, music, boating and hunting. Manda enjoys parenthood, outdoors, cooking, reading, serving, exercising, sports and music.
Dan & Courtney Waiting Families Photo Dan & Courtney- – - – - PLACED - – - – - Married 6 years. Dan works as the Director of Rehab/Physical Therapist and Courtney works as a Speech-Language Pathologist. Dan enjoys watching/playing sports, hunting, golfing, spending time with family, riding bicycle, photography and participating in church activities. Courtney enjoys reading, sewing, watching sports, shopping, spending time with friends/family and participating in church activities.
Grant & Veronica Waiting Family Picture Grant & Veronica- – - – - PLACED - – - – - Married 3 ½ years. Grant works as a Custom Home Construction Worker and part-time Hog Farmer, Veronica works as a Creative Director/Graphic Designer. Grant enjoys grilling and smoking meat for family and friends, riding atv and tinkering in the shop. Veronica enjoys designing, photography, decorating, crafting, organizing and working out.
Aaron & Sherri Waiting Family Photo Aaron & Sherri- – - – - PLACED- – - – - Married 6 years. Aaron owns a farm equipment repair business and Sherri is a Stay-at-Home Mom. They have 2 biological children, a 4 year old daughter Olivia, and a 2 year old son Eli. Aaron enjoys spending time with family, friends, hunting, fishing and boating. Sherri enjoys gardening, coaching basketball, bee keeping, and entertaining family and friends.
Tim & Julie Waiting Family Photo Tim & Julie- – - – - PLACED - – - – - Married 12 years. Tim works as a Swine Health Field Manager and Julie works part time as a Physical Therapist. They have 3 biological daughters, Madyson, 8 years old, Adriel, 5 years old and Aliya, 3 years old. Tim enjoys running and swimming, hunting and fishing, being outdoors, building things or working with his hands. Julie enjoys crafting, cooking or playing with my girls, running and swimming, Bible study, building relationships with family and friends.
Travis & Amber Waiting Family Photo Travis & Amber - – - – - PLACED- – - – - Married 7 ½ years. Travis is a Farmer and Amber is a Stay-at-Home Mom. They have 2 biological children, a 4 ¾ year old son named Alex and a 3 year old daughter named Gracelyn. Travis enjoys construction and church. Amber enjoys photography and bible study.
James & Angela Waiting Families James & Angela - – - – - PLACED- – - – - Married 12 years. James is a Self-Employed Farmer, Angela is a Homemaker. They have 4 biological children, 3 daughters, 9 year old Cassady, 7 year old Avary, 3 ¾ year old Kambrie, and1 ½ year old son Zachary. James enjoys hunting, fishing, golfing and sports. Angela enjoys golf, scrapbooking, volleyball and running.

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