Waiting Families

More families are available that are not pictured on the website, please contact 1-800-314-3370 to meet with a counselor and view more waiting families. Click on their name or picture for more information.

(replace main) Profile- family Lucas & Candice- Married 10 years. Lucas works as a Self-employed Farmer and Custom Body Shop Owner, and Candice is a part-time Director of Children’s Ministry. They have 2 biological daughters a 3 ½ year old named Cambrie and a 2 year old named Tenley. Lucas enjoys snowmobiling in the mountains, playing basketball, and being on the water. He also enjoys taking the girls on tractor rides and out to eat at our favorite Mexican Restaurant. Candice enjoys dancing, running, managing the home (meal planning, cleaning and organizing). Together they enjoy traveling and hosting get-togethers in their home and patio.
Josh & Megan Waiting Family Photo Josh & Megan- Married 13 years. Josh works as a Manager of a Product & Package Design and Megan is mostly a Stay-At-Home Mom who works part-time as a counselor. They have 4 biological children, an almost 11 year old daughter Isabelle, a 8 year old son Ephram, a 6 ½ year old daughter Payson and a 3 ½ year old son Lucas. Josh enjoys outdoor activities, home projects, counseling and sports. Megan enjoys the beach or lake, exercise, home improvement projects, reading, soccer and art/painting.
Nathan & Celeste Waiting Family Photo Nathan & Celeste- Married 13 years. Nathan works as a Computer Programmer and Celeste is a Stay-at-Home Mom. They have 2 biological children, a 7 year old son named Micah and a 4 year old daughter named Briella. Nathan enjoys running, golf and computers. Celeste enjoys discipleship and mentoring, reading and gardening.
Kevin & Susie Waiting Families Photo Kevin & Susie- Married 2 ½ years. Kevin works as a Senior Financial Analyst and Susie works as an Accounting Manager. Kevin enjoys watching/playing sports, fishing, golfing, wood-working, spending time outside-landscaping & cutting trees. Susie enjoys working in her flower garden, playing card games with family and friends, cooking, baking, singing in her church choir & music.
IMG_4254 Eric & Kimberly- Married 6 years. Eric works as a Marketing Manager and Kimberly is a Stay-at-Home Mom and part-time Interior Design. They have a 4 year old biological son Markus. Eric enjoys music, running, home projects, bonfires and fishing. Kimberly enjoys cooking, organizing, being outdoors and interior design.
Graham & Stacy Waiting Family Picture Graham & Stacy- Married 7 ½ years. Graham works as a Regional Sales Manager and Stacy works as a Medical Office Manager. Graham enjoys farming, walking/running and playing with the dog, golfing, sports (football, basketball, baseball, and racing), vegetable gardening, canning, fishing, hunting, camping, traveling and adventure, history and weather. Stacy enjoys gardening (both flowers and vegetables), traveling, golfing, photography, crafts, nature, walking, yoga, playing with the dog, fishing, camping, canning, baking, reading, music, cooking, baseball and volleyball.
Matt & Melissa Waiting Family Photo Matt & Melissa- Married 13 years. Matt works in Excavation as a Heavy Equipment Operator and Melissa works as a Teacher of Preschool. They have 2 biological children, a 10 year old son named Donovan and a 7 year old daughter named Ella. Matt enjoys softball, sports and history. Melissa enjoys music, playing piano, puzzles and being outdoors.
Blayne & Tonya Waiting Family Photo Blayne & Tonya- Married 6 years. Blayne works as a Grain Farmer, Farmers Coop Employee/Seed Warehouse Manager and Tonya is a Stay-at-Home Mom. They have a 4 year old biological son Andrew. Blayne enjoys agriculture, professional baseball, college basketball, bowling and fishing. Tonya enjoys travel, volunteering, reading, writing, Bible Study, and time with family/friends.
Chris & Isabelle Waiting Families Photo Chris & Isabelle- Married 21 years. Chris works as a Medical Device Research & Development Technician and Isabelle as a Medical Research Consultant. They have 2 biological sons, 10 year old James and 7 year old Louis. Isabelle and Chris enjoy spending time with family and friends, outdoor adventures with the boys, church activities, travelling, visiting family and friends in France, camping and hiking, movies.
Erik & Erica Waiting Family Photo Erik & Erica- Married 3 ¾ years. Erik works as an Agronomist and Farmer, Erica works as a Registered Nurse. Erik enjoys agriculture, history, Twins Baseball, Gophers Football, maps, wood cutting, coffee, time with friends & family & being outside. Erica enjoys gardening, crafts, scrapbooking, canning, cooking, entertaining, walks, church activities, being outside, & time with family & friends.
Ross & Kristen Waiting Family Picture Ross & Kristen -Married 3 years. Ross works as a Farmer and Kristen works as a Greenhouse Grower. Ross enjoys singing, playing instruments, reading, designing/building projects, games & traveling. Kristen enjoys scrapbooking, games, meeting family/friends, housekeeping, playing piano & working with children.
Joel & Laura Waiting Family Joel & Laura- Married 21 years. Joel works as a Welding Technician and Laura works Part-time as a Social Worker & Stay-at-Home Mom. They have 5 children, a 16 year old biological son Jaden, a 14 year old adopted son Gabriel, a 12 year old adopted daughter Ashlyn, an 11 year old biological son Zachary and a 9 year old biological daughter Ava. Joel enjoys fishing, hunting, camping, race cars, and outdoors. Laura enjoys reading, theater, shopping, camping and scrapbooking.
Chris & Chrissy Waiting Familly Christopher & Christina- Married 17 years. Christopher works as a Farmer and Christina works as a Registered Nurse. They have 4 biological children, a 16 year old daughter Hailey, a 13 year old son Brady, an 11 year old daughter Alana, and a 10 year old son Isaac. Christopher enjoys farming, camping, fishing with the kids, spending time with family and church activities. Christina enjoys camping, taking vacations, attending the kid’s various activities and spending time with friends and family.
John & Sarah Waiting Families Photo John & Sarah- Married 9 years. John works as an Optometrist and Sarah works as a Special Education Teacher. They have two biological daughters, a 7 year old named Bella and a 4 ½ year old named Margot. Johns enjoys hunting, fishing, being outdoors and boating. Sarah enjoys photography, home renovations/decorating, walking and boating.
Dennis & Beth Waiting Family Photo Dennis & Beth- Married 7 years. Dennis works as a Farmer and Beth works as an Accountant. Dennis enjoys fishing, hunting, farming and outdoor activities. Beth enjoys reading, crafts, spending time at the lake, gardening and baking.
dsc_1050 Brock & Allison- – - – - – ON HOLD - – - – -Married 12 ½ years. Brock is a Pastor and Allison is a Homemaker. They have 3 biological children, a 8 ½ year old son Isaiah, a 6 year old son Josiah and a 4 year old daughter Makennah. Brock enjoys sports, the Bible, coffee, and spending time with his wife and family. Allison enjoys scrapbooking, spending time with family, photography, being outside, sports and taking walks.
Shane and Carissa Cover (2) Shane & Carissa- – - – - – ON HOLD - – - – -Married 9 years. Shane works as a local Truck Driver and Carissa works as a Teacher. They have one biological son Paxten, 7 ½ years old. Shane enjoys the outdoors, sports, music, cars, motorcycles and animals. Carissa enjoys the outdoors, reading, sports, baking, music and animals.
Joshua & Tina Waiting Family Picture Joshua & Tina- – - – - – CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PLACEMENT - – - – — Married 11 years. Joshua works as an Information Technology Consultant and Tina works as a Registered Nurse. They have three biological children, a 10 year old son Jacob, an 8 year old daughter Jenna and a 5 year old daughter Kara. Joshua enjoys family, technology, fixing anything and woodworking. Tina enjoys family, church, scrapbooking and bible study.
Chris & Terri Waiting Families Photo Chris & Terri- – - – - – CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PLACEMENT- – - – - Married 15 years. Chris works as a Pharmacist and Terri is a Stay-at-Home Mom. They have 3 adopted children, an 11 year old son named Maxim, a 10 year old son named Mikhail and a 4 year old daughter named Quinn. Chris enjoys baking, boating, camping, hiking, traveling, reading, playing ball and games with family. Terri enjoys all the things that Chris does along with shopping, going to the salon with our daughter, helping our boys with piano and homework, and reading to our kids.
Aaron & Jessica Waiting Family Photo Aaron & Jessica- – - – - CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PLACEMENT - – - – - Married 8 ½ years. Aaron works as a Youth Pastor and Jessica works as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Aaron enjoys reading, basketball, football, outdoors, camping, DIY home projects, coaching, traveling, and music. Jessica enjoys art, photography, home projects, exploring new cities, camping, and spending time with friends and family.
Chase & Katie Waiting Family Picture Chase & Katie- – - – - – CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PLACEMENT - – - – - – - Married 14 years. Chase works as a State Trooper and Katie works as a Physical Therapist. They have one biological daughter, an 8 year old named McKenna. Chase enjoys working out, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his daughter. Katie enjoys cooking, reading, running and spending time with her daughter.
Rodrick & Maria Waiting Families Photo Rodrick & Maria- – - – - CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PLACEMENT - – - – - Married 13 years. Rodrick works as a Transportation Supervisor and Maria works as a Reading Teacher. They have 2 biological sons, 10 year old Isaiah and 6 ½ year old Roman. Rod enjoys tent camping, fishing, cooking, boating, spending time with family outside, and getting together with extended family. Maria enjoys walking, tent camping, traveling, reading, spending time with family, scrapbooking, meeting friends for coffee, and doing spontaneous things with our boys.
Micah & Ashley Waiting Family Picture Micah & Ashley- – - – - CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PLACEMENT - – - – - Married 7 ½ years. Micah is a self-employed in Insurance Sales, Ashley is an Administrative Assistant. They have a 2 ½ year old adopted son named Karter. Micah enjoys fishing, golfing, yardwork, playing with his son, camping boating, spending time with family and friends, woodworking and playing games. Ashley enjoys spending time with her son, family and friends, going on walks, camping, traveling and reading.
Mark & Kristen Waiting Family Mark & Kristen- – - – - – CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PLACEMENT - – - – -Married 11 years. Mark works as a Systems Administrator and Kristen works as an Administrative Assistant at a bank. They have 2 children, an 8 year old biological son Rowan and a 3 year old adopted daughter Raleigh. Mark enjoys hunting, fishing, anything outdoors and spending time with family and friends. Kristen enjoys reading, baking and spending time with family and friends.
Eric & Shannon Waiting Family Photo Eric & Shannon- – - – - CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PLACEMENT - – - – - Married 13 years. Eric works for Wells Fargo dealing with retirement plans, Shannon works part time as a Recreation Therapist. They have a 5 year old adopted son named Samuel. Eric enjoys hunting, fishing and sports. Shannon enjoys playing the piano, singing, being outdoors and card making.
Eric & Lindsey Waiting family Photo Eric & Lindsey- – - – - CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PLACEMENT - – - – - Married 7 ¾ years. Eric works as a Wind Technician and Lindsey works as a Teacher. They have 2 biological children, a 5 ¾ year old daughter named Vivianne and a 3 year old son name Trygve. Eric enjoys kayaking with the family, fishing, hunting, camping, cooking and spending time mentoring high school students. Lindsey enjoys anything creative, writing, decorating, party planning, and going on mommy dates with the kids.

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