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Fathers Information
EducationMaster's Degree in Educational Leadership
OccupationNonprofit Management
InterestsBen enjoys writing, playing music, cooking, walks, time with friends, and helping out in the community.
Religion Christian
Mothers Information
EducationMaster's in Art Therapy
OccupationArt Therapist
InterestsSara enjoys creating and enjoying art, friends, hospitality, walks, and engaging in community activities that give back.
Religion Christian
Family Information
Length of Marriage9 years
Number of Children0
Parenting PhilosophyWe believe in loving and caring for a child with all of our hearts with creativity, exploration, learning, family, friends, food, faith, and tradition. It’s important for us to engage in various cultures and ethnic backgrounds in friends and family.
Seeking:Infant boy or girl

Ben & Sara

We’ve been married for six years but have known each other for about 12 years. We met through friends and a couple of community outreach groups. We live in a city near parks, lakes, and culture. We have loving and supportive family and friends near us. We each bring a strong sense of commitment, creativity, and humor to our relationship and to the challenges of life. We love to experience the most from life. Music and art are passions for both of us. We are excited to become parents and can’t wait to share our world with a child. We look forward to growing, learning, and living life as an expanded family. We have a strong and supportive family. They are excited and can hardly wait to welcome a new family member. We have many friends that we consider to be family, and they are thrilled that we will soon have a child. Our friends are from many walks of life. Many of them are part of our church community. They have been there for us and will continue to be there for us. At home, we love to cook, play music, and have friends over.

About Ben (by Sara):

Ben has an endless curiosity about the world and everything in it. He brings this sense of wonder and care into his work and relationships. Ben has a deep compassion for people and a passion for justice, God, family, and music. He’s a hard and honest worker in the field of nonprofit management. His former work as a fourth-grade teacher helped him understand children.
I’m attracted to Ben’s authenticity, creativity, and amazing cooking. He makes me laugh and brings joy into my life.


About Sara (by Ben):

Sara has a zest for life. Her positivity and enthusiasm encourage everyone around her. She has a strong faith and a passion for beauty and creativity. Her caring nature spills out into her work, friendships, and family. Sara is going to be a great mom. She is kind-hearted, loving, and strong. I am excited to see her blossom in this new part of our life together.


We live in a family-friendly urban neighborhood. We love to take advantage of its cultural centers, parks, lakes, walking paths, and shops. We also love to be involved in our community through art and music. We also have a friendly, calm beagle dog named Lilly. We enjoy being involved in our church community located just a few blocks from our home.

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