Fathers Information
EducationMaster of Engineering Degree
OccupationMetallurgical Engineer
InterestsDrew enjoys riding motorcycles, watching college football, playing the drums.
Religion Christian/Baptist
Mothers Information
EducationBachelor's in Apparel Merchandising and Design
OccupationHome Maker
InterestsMary enjoys gardening, reading, cooking, classical music, nature
Religion Christian/Baptist
Family Information
Length of Marriage15 years
Number of Children4
Parenting PhilosophyGrace, structure, and loving discipline that reflects what God gives us every day. To help our children be humble, kind, loving, and truthful as they grow.
Seeking:Infant boy/girl or twins

Drew & Mary

How we met

Drew and Mary met in 4th grade and started dating in high school. Mary asked Drew to prom because she wanted to go with one of her girlfriends who was dating Drew's friend. We have been together ever since. We both ended up at Iowa State. Drew proposed to Mary at the same spot where she asked him to prom 5 yrs earlier. We got married after Mary graduated from college (It took Drew a little longer). The rest is history. 


Drew is passionate about the love for his family. He has a deep commitment for Christ and raising his children to do the same. He is involved in many leadership roles in his church as well as other Christian ministries. He likes to hop on his motorcycle just to take a ride and enjoy the road. He loves college football especially the Iowa State Cyclones and playing many outside games with his kids. Drew is a wonderful father and husband who works hard to provide and loves to be with his family.


Mary has always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. For the past 13yrs she has committed to raising and homeschooling her kids and has loved every minute of it. Mary is very active in the children ministry at church and our weekly homeschool co-op. She loves being outside hiking, gardening, taking walks with our dogs or just sitting on our porch reading. Mary works hard every day to make sure her family feels loved and cared for.

Our Children


We have four outgoing boys. They love playing, being silly, and getting dirty. They have similar traits, but each has his own interests. They all like separate football and hockey teams, but they enjoy all sports. They look out for each other and they are excited to have a baby in the house.




We have two dogs. Albert is a boxer and Hazel is a chocolate lab. They are playful and energetic and are great around the kids.




We live just outside an urban area which gives our home a rural feel. We love being close to shopping, restaurants, parks, museums, and many other amenities. Living outside of town gives us a space and the opportunity to enjoy nature and country living.


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