Fathers Information
EducationBS in Agronomy
OccupationRegional Sales Manager for a Seed Company
InterestsGraham enjoys sports, hunting, running, farming and outdoor projects
Religion Lutheran/Evangelical Free
Mothers Information
EducationHS Diploma & Online Classes specific to billing
OccupationOffice Manager for a Chiropractic Office
InterestsStacy enjoys reading, family walks, music, baking, and craft projects.
Religion Lutheran/Evangelical Free
Family Information
Length of Marriage13 Years
Number of Children1
Parenting PhilosophyWe try to be open minded when our child is misbehaving more often. We give her hugs, let her calm down, and tell us why she's upset. We want to be respectful of our children so they grow up and respect others. We share our focus on family and God with our children.
Seeking:Male or Female ages 0 - 2 years old

Graham & Stacy

About Graham ~ Written by Stacy

Graham is an amazing dad and husband. He is calm and patient and a hands on dad who will stop what he is in the middle of to play magnets with Ella, give hugs, be silly, or use his dad skills to calm a 3 yr. old tantrum. My husband is my best friend and knows what I am thinking before I even say it, he has always made himself a partner in life and does not try to lead but walks side by side with me and is supportive of my ideas and dreams for myself and our family. He loves to watch ALL the sports especially football and loves being outside whether its golfing, running around at the parks with Ella, camping. I love my husband with all my heart and Ella absolutely loves and adores her daddy!

About Stacy ~ Written by Graham

My wife is in her glory being a mom and wife loves capturing memories of our family friends and our daughter on camera, she has a passion for making photo books for the grandparents and close friends. Stacy has been my partner and constant companion for 15 years and I love her so much more every day. She is a wonderful mama with such a big heart for caring for our daughter and showing her love and kindness and snuggles. Stacy would rather have a heart to heart conversation in person over a cup of coffee then view lives of friends and family via social media. My wife is the heart is our family.

About Ella

Ella is 3 ½ years old and the sweetest sassiest ball of energy. If Ella had a choice of an activity to do with mom and dad the answer is almost always go to the park. She loves to be outside and swim, explore, play in the dirt, and on her swing set. Ella gives her whole heart to her friends and always makes sure to share and make sure everyone is ok if they are crying at daycare, she loves to be a big helper and a mother hen (especially for the toddlers). Ella is a very smart and thoughtful girl and thinks deeply, however loves to show her silly side and dance (anywhere all the time) she loves music and signing and magnets and playdough and especially arts and crafts.

About Our Family

We live in a quiet neighborhood in a home with a fenced in yard for our children and pets, near churches and parks not far from our daycare, with young families and children who live close by, one thing our family really enjoys is going on walks with our dog Jasper and Ella loves to take her bike or scooter along and play at the different playgrounds along the way. We enjoy the feel of a smaller town that has everything we need without being in a bigger city. We love having a vegetable garden and canning, going camping, and on road trips as a family. Graham and I love that we have the flexibility with our schedules to take the time to do fun activities and have adventures with our daughter especially while she is young and make memories with family and friends. On Friday or Saturday nights we have pizza picnic night where we put down a blanket on the living room floor and watch family movies together while having pizza for dinner. Our family is committed to God and His teachings and do the best we can each day to show our daughter Gods love and grace.

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