Fathers Information
EducationBachelor's Degree
OccupationSoftware Developer
InterestsJason enjoys theology, scripture, programing, math, jigsaw puzzles, bicycling, and skiing.
Religion Roman Catholic
Mothers Information
EducationMaster's Degree
OccupationHousewife and Community Volunteer
InterestsKatie enjoys teaching (K-5), praying, reading, swing dancing, playing with kids, cleaning and cooking - making our house a home.
Religion Roman Catholic
Family Information
Length of Marriage4 Years
Number of Children0
Parenting Philosophyloving discipline with kindness, bringing children up to know and love Our Lord
Seeking:Healthy infant

Jason & Katie

How We Met

We met at a church prayer service and knew immediately there was something special about one another. Jason’s reverence impressed Katie and Katie’s gentleness impressed Jason.


I'm mostly German but all American. I grew up with Mom, Dad, and my sister in the city. I'm a computer whiz at work and I love to work with my hands in the yard.


I’m the second eldest of five children. Growing up, my household was full of diapers, driving siblings to soccer, ballet classes, and martial arts. Praying together - Mom, Dad and kids - we enjoyed a close family life.


Our dog, Princess, brings a lot of love into our life.


We love getting out and about. The state fair is especially fun. Katie teaches kids downhill skiing and Jason has taken up the sport. We live a very active life!


Our century-old two-story home has a full-finished basement and a big back yard with plenty of room for kids to play. It’s in a beautiful urban neighborhood with parks, restaurants, and little shops. We're blessed with wonderful neighbors, many of whom have little ones.

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