Fathers Information
EducationBachelor's Degree
OccupationSoftware Developer
InterestsJason is interested in theology, scripture, programming, math, jigsaw puzzles, bicycling, skiing, and more. He likes to walk the dog with his wife and enjoys working with his hands in the backyard.
Religion Roman Catholic
Mothers Information
EducationMaster's Degree
OccupationHousewife and Community Volunteer
InterestsKatie loves being a housewife: cooking a tasty meal for Jason, praying with him, and exploring with him on dog walks. Jason is her best friend.
Religion Roman Catholic
Family Information
Length of Marriage5 Years
Number of Children0
Parenting PhilosophyGod, family, country
Seeking:Healthy infant

Jason & Katie

How We Met

We met at a church prayer service and knew immediately there was something special about one another. Jason’s reverence impressed Katie and Katie’s gentleness impressed Jason.


I'm mostly German but all American. I grew up with Mom, Dad, and my sister in the city. I'm a computer whiz at work and I’m often found fixing things around the house, like repairing a food processor with a burnt-out fuse, assembling scaffolding for a paint job, patching the Wi-Fi router with the latest firmware, or cleaning out the carburetor on the lawn mower.


I grew up in a big family of five kids and I appreciate the attention my parents were able to dedicate to each of us. Each of us felt like an only child! The five of us are still close and now there are more than a dozen grandkids who would love to welcome another cousin.


Our dog, Princess, is a well-trained standard poodle who makes weekly visits with Katie to cheer residents at a local hospice -where she receives much love (and plenty of treats!)


Jason is a lector at our parish, where Katie volunteers in the grade school during the week. We love playing with any of our five Godchildren and their siblings. We spend leisure time reading books together indoors, or even out of the house - exploring our city, state, country along with other continents (Europe) - where we never cease to find adventure.


Our century-old two-story home has a fully finished basement and a big yard with plenty of room for kids to play. It’s in a beautiful, safe, historic urban neighborhood with parks and playgrounds within walking distance. Immediate family is close as well- cousins from 3 years old to 13 years old are just up the street.

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