Fathers Information
EducationCertificate of Ministry
OccupationProduction Director
InterestsTommy enjoys playing music, traveling, cooking, swimming, photography, spending time with family and videography.
Religion Non-Denominational
Mothers Information
EducationBachelor's Degree
OccupationSales Consultant
InterestsAbby enjoys cooking, baking, reading, being outside, going to the farmer's market, making handmade gifts and cards, and spending time with her family.
Religion Non-Denominational
Family Information
Length of Marriage5
Number of Children0
Parenting PhilosophyAuthoritative/Gentle Parenting - Create positive relationships while enforcing boundaries.
Seeking:Infant or twins.

Tommy & Abby

How We Met

  We met in 2017 working at a church and got married about a year and a half later! You know when you just know something? It was like that for Tommy and I. We know we were meant to be when Tommy joined my small group and we started talking about the Lord in a similar way. We connected through the Spirit first and our faith has been so foundational in who we are and a building block into who we want to become. Our faith and relationship with God has been such solid ground as we began marriage and weathered some tough seasons. God Is our only hope and foundation - especially when nothing else Is certain. This Is a lesson that we’ll be sure to teach our kiddos!  



I grew up mostly with my mom living In Texas and throughout the Southwest, and I'd fly to Austin, TX monthly to visit my dad, step mom and step brother. I felt a call into ministry at youth camp when I was 16 years old and chose to attend a Ministry School out of High School. Since then I've been In full-time ministry and have loved the skills I've gained, friends I've made and the Impact I've been able to be a part of.



I grew up as the second oldest of 5 siblings with two parents who loved each other and loved God. As in life, there were ups and downs but my parents did their best to always point the family back to God. I grew up in Minnesota and went to college in Tennessee earning a bachelors in Business Administration and minor in Biblical Studies. I love my job as a Realtor and working on the sales team for a wedding company that works nationwide. I also lead a small ministry with my brother and sister-in-law where our hope is to help everyone take their next step towards Jesus. We write blogs and host a podcast!


Yendi is the squishy-face, 4 year old, pug who loves people! Including his nieces who often jump on him, pull his twirly tale or hug him as hard as they can. He's endlessly patient and lives for cuddles & he can’t wait to be a big brother!!


Abby’s parents bought a property about an hour & a walk northeast of us and within this 62-acre property, there is a home with 8 bedrooms & 6 bathrooms to fit everyone comfortably along with a hot tub, boat & lake access. We are so grateful to get to spend extended time with our friends and family on the property! Having a space for the whole family to gather has been a valuable tool to bring us closer - especially with so many nieces joining the family. There is a designated ‘Grandkid’ Room with bunkbeds! Once our kiddos grow out of the cribs, they’ll be able to have sleepovers with their cousins. As a family, we’ll get to enjoy the lake and boat time! We’ll do swim lessons so that our kids feel safe in the water and enjoy playing In the sand. We have walking paths and side-by-side trails to explore the land and watch for deer! I Imagine our children enjoying the Idyllic nature along with their cousins and extended family.


We live just outside a big city in a great neighborhood. We moved here in 2020 and have fallen in love with the nearby lake, walking trails and bike-ability of the city. There are a lot of young families and parks close by too! We have two bedrooms and one bathroom on the main floor with a living room, dining room, kitchen and sunroom. We love the natural light from our corner windows - and our plants do to! Our basement Is wide open - eventually we'll add another bedroom and hopefully a 2nd bathroom. Our nursery is set up and ready to welcome our baby! We have a soft rug to play on and toys purchased. The baby room Is right next to ours, so we’ll never be too far away. I look forward to hearing the sound of children laughing In our home.

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