Thank you for considering adoption.  An unplanned pregnancy presents life-changing decisions.  We are here to help you evaluate your choices and to help you gather information to assist you in making your decision.  It is normal to feel confused and scared but we can help by offering you free and confidential counseling to discuss your options of parenting or choosing an adoption plan for your baby.

Our goal is to offer you support and education so that you look at all of your options before you decide what is best for you and your baby.  You will not be pressured into choosing an adoption plan or parenting your child.  We believe it is YOUR CHOICE!  We only want to help get you information so you can make the best choice for everyone involved.  Please email us at or call (800) 314-3370 to talk to a Counselor.

New Horizons has licensed social workers throughout Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota that are available to meet with you.  Counseling will be focused on the areas that you believe you need assistance.  We will share with you the types of adoption that are available, the legal aspects, your rights as a birth parent and the adoption process in general.  Much of the counseling will consist of discussing your wishes, fears and concerns.  The counseling may also consist of determining what resources you may be eligible to receive such as medical insurance, assistance in living arrangements, WIC, heat assistance, parenting classes, daycare assistance, etc. 

It’s Not too late to Consider Adoption
Sometimes life brings unexpected circumstances into our lives and we may find ourselves unable to care for our current family.  If you find that you already have an infant or child whom you believe you are unable to provide for, please call New Horizons to discuss a foster care or adoption placement plan for your child.  You will be able to speak confidentially with a social worker about your options. 

Choosing Adoption
If you believe that an adoption plan is best for you and your baby, you have an option of determining how much contact you want with the family that adopts your baby.  We offer, open, semi-open, and closed adoption plans. Most birthparents choose a semi-open to open adoption arrangement and are actively involved in selecting the adoptive family for their child.  This is done by you providing the counselor with information on the type of adoptive family you wish to adopt your baby (age, education, interests, etc.)  From this information, profiles of approved families wishing to adopt are shared with you.  The ‘profiles’ include a picture book of the prospective adoptive family, letters to you and information about their family, home, community, job, etc. You may also choose a closed adoption if you believe you do not want any contact with the adoptive family

Once you have selected a potential adoptive family, you have the option of meeting them.  If you are not comfortable with meeting them, you can talk to them over the phone or simply communicate with them through your New Horizons counselor.  You determine the amount of contact with the adoptive family.  New Horizons also assists in ‘Designated Adoptions’ which means that you come to us with a family that you have already selected to adopt your child.  Every family that adopts a child needs to have an approved home study and we can assist with that portion of the adoption also. 

Choosing to Parent
Licensed social workers in Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota will assist you with the decision of choosing an adoption plan for your child or for you to parent your child.  If you choose to parent your child, these social workers will assist you in seeking out services to help you in parenting your child

Post Placement Services
New Horizons requires that each adoptive family provide you with pictures and updates at least 5 times during the first year and then annually until your child is 18 years old.  However, if you determine that you do not want contact with the adoptive family and do not want to receive any pictures or updates, we simply hold the pictures and updates in your file just in case you change your mind and want to see them at a later date.   Or, if you believe you would like pictures and/or updates more frequently, we work with you to establish a more frequent schedule of pictures and/or updates.  Again, you determine how your adoption plan is written and we are here to be with you throughout the entire process.  Ongoing contact between you and your social worker is encouraged but not forced.  An annual birth mother’s retreat is offered as well. We are here for you whenever you need us!

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