Fathers Information
EducationBachelors in Computer Science/Mathematics
OccupationDirector of Online Operations at a University
InterestsBrady enjoys carpentry/construction, bicycling, technology, basketball, and playing cards.
Religion Christian/Evangelical Free
Mothers Information
EducationBachelors in Elementary Education
OccupationStay-At-Home Mom
InterestsDelainye enjoys gardening, hiking, reading, cooking, and games/puzzles.
Religion Christian/Evangelical Free
Family Information
Length of Marriage13 years
Number of Children3
Parenting PhilosophyWe strive to parent with both discipline and grace and guidance, loving our children unconditionally as a reflection of the love, grace, and discipline we have received from Christ Jesus.
Seeking:Infant to age 4 male or female, twins or sibling groups.

Brady & Delainye

How We Meet

We began dating in college and married in 2009. After two years of marriage, we moved to Bogotá, Colombia where we taught at a bilingual Christian school. After serving there for two years, we returned to the United States where we had our first child, a daughter. Since then, we have added two more biological children (both girls!) to our family and hope to add another child through adoption. We enjoy doing many things together as a couple including hiking, playing games, going to sporting events, and inviting people into our home. We enjoy being able to bring our children alongside of us in many of these things, and look forward to finding new hobbies for our growing family to do together!  


I am thankful for the many roles that God asks me to fill each day. I love being a husband to Delainye and a father to our children. I am excited to add another child into our home through adoption. I love that we get to spend time reading together, playing games, and goofing around. I am grateful for the blessing of family that God has given me.

I also enjoy the time we get to spend with our extended family and friends. In my free time I have fun working with my hands, either fixing things, working outside, or tinkering on projects.

I recently moved into a remote position at a University as their Director of Online Operations. It is exciting to be a part of a new initiative and develop my project management skills in the business arena after spending many years as a technology director at a public school.


I love raising our three girls - playing together, learning together, and finding wonder with them every day. Being a homeschooling family gives us tons of flexibility and we take advantage of it, often taking day trips to the zoo, children’s museums, parks, or up to visit family and friends! I love to get the girls out and about, experiencing their community and building friendships. We also enjoy having people in our home, whether we are hosting game nights or having friends over to share a meal together. I look forward to the children the Lord will place in our home in the future and the many new joys they will bring! In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, hiking, cooking, reading books, participating in Bible studies, and spending time with friends.

Our Girls

Our three girls are great friends. They are 5, 7 and 8 years old. They love gymnastics, Sunday school, library activities, playing in the barn, and helping mom and dad with whatever projects they are working on. They each have their own unique personalities, yet they all share joy-filled compassionate hearts that truly see the wonder and beauty in every day. They are all excited and ready to be big sisters!


We live on a little over 6 acres and spend much of our time outside as there is always something that needs doing! We currently have cats and chickens, but hope to add more animals as we are able. We have wonderful neighbors who are always lending a helping hand and have acted as surrogate grandparents for our children. We are looking forward to raising more children in our home.

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